Artist's Statement

"I paint in a loose impressionistic style, with confident, bold coloured brush strokes. I love vibrant colours in heavy doses. As a native from South Africa, I was blessed with blue skies, yellow fields, lavander coloured Jakaranda trees, wildflowers - a feast for the colour palette - not to mention the eye."



Yolanda was born in South Africa where she spent the first 33 years of her life before moving to the prairies of Canada. She now resides in the beautiful Okanagan, the closest thing to what she knew growing up namely blue skies, dramatic sunsets, and thunderous clouds.  

As a little girl, she was very quiet and shy and she would sit on her Grandpa's lap drawing for him for hours on end by way of communicating. As she grew older she certainly found her voice and a love for debating. She studied Law at the University of the Orange Free State and graduated in 1993 with a B.Proc degree after which she completed her articles and passed her Board exams. She practiced Law for a few years before the birth of her first son. Wanting to devote her attention to him she took a leap of faith and with the support of her husband and family she left the law practice and started framing and painting full time from home so that she could be with her son.

Being surrounded by art has always been part of her life and something she has always been passionate about. She is a self-taught artist who has over the years, spent countless hours learning from professional artists by attending painting workshops and receiving professional mentorship. She finds herself constantly wanting to learn more and focuses on improving and developing her techniques and skills, always striving to better herself. 

She paints landscapes with dramatic skies depicting places she holds dear to her heart, florals and some modern art. She has a loose yet dramatic, impressionistic style where she commits to the gutsy stroke of her brush. Bold colours and the liberal use thereof are always coming into play on her canvas.